REVEALED! Hack to Get KPLC tokens at a cheaper price


KENYA: Njanuary is here,and as usual nearly all Kenyans are complaining of dry pockets. Here's how to get more KPLC tokens at a cheaper price.

Kplc free tokens

Countless Kenyans have found themselves paying a lot for electricity,yet they can easily evade the heavy bills by knowing when to buy KPLC tokens. Well,for those who din't know, January ,2018 is time for them to know.

If you use token meter for power, then you should know that the price per unit varies on the day you buy.
Kplc free tokens

For instance when you buy token from 1st to 8th of every month,you will be charged KSh 14.58 /KWHr(Kilo Watt per Hour).

As for those who buy tokens from 8th to 14th ,they will be charged KSh 9.51 /KWHr.This, according to KPLC prepaid token calculator is the best time to recharge.

From 16th to 21st,KPLC charhes KSh 8.13/KWHr,while those who recharge as from 22nd to 31st of every month,KPLC charges KSh 21.93/KWHr.
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