Lupita Nyong'o's Sister Shares her Nakked Photos


Zawadi Nyong’o has become well known for her outspoken feminism and for her work in the Jadudi Campaign that saw her win a special award for crowdfunding for social good at the 2015 SOMA Awards.

Zawadi Nyong'o
Zawadi recently showed us that she has other skills, yoga. The vocal feminist decided to embark on the “TRUE 30 Day Yoga Journey” with yogi Adriene Mishler.
Zawadi Nyong'o naked
And to commemorate this journey, Zawadi shared some artistic black and white photos that have sent tongues wagging.
Zawadi Nyong'o nudes

Zawadi Nyong'o doesn’t really care what people think of her as in her own words “The more I accept, embrace, and validate myself, the less I need others to. Yes, that’s easier said than done, especially in this current world we live in where we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. It takes work, commitment, patience, and lots of compassion.”
Zawadi Nyong'o nudes

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