Meet Mombasa Kid that has WON the Heart of UHURU (VIDEO)


KENYA: You may have come across a trending video of a little boy passionately talking and singing about UHURUTO.

It is none other than 6 years old OMAR MOHAMED from Mwembe Tayari, MVITA Constituency in MOMBASA County.

The clip was recorded by a neighbor who found him 'cladded' in JUBILEE gear at his parents shop. The neighbour was to later send it to his dad Mohamed Abdulrasul who is currently on work assignment in a neighboring country.

The boy is a darling of Mwembe Tayari residents. "He's just comic", the dad tells me.
OMAR MOHAMED and his dad Mohamed Abdulrasul
OMAR MOHAMED and his dad Mohamed Abdulrasul
Asked why he loves Uhuru and not any other leader he says, "Nimezaliwa nyakati za Uhuru. Mimi simtambui mwingine", says the KG2 pupil.

And he's left handed just like his role model!
He would wish to meet President Uhuru someday. It would be a dream come true.
Perhaps if the President watches the video he would invite him for tea at statehouse? Do you mind helping little boy realize the dream?


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