Video of Prophet having S£x with woman in Holy Pool in front of congregants goes VIRAL


South Africa: A prophet is making national and international headlines after the supposed man of God convinced a woman during a water baptism session that in order for her to be fully saved, she needed to also have s_exual intercourse with the man.

Pastor caught pants down
The baptism ceremony happened over the weekend and the footage from the scene has gone viral.

Apparently, the woman being baptised was a former pro_stitute and the prophet said the Lord had told him to use his pe_nis to remove the prostitution demon from her honey pot “The holy spirit is telling me to use my holy stick and su_ck the demons in your pri_vate pa_rts. That is the only way you can be reformed”, the prophet was heard saying. The woman agreed since she was in desperate need for salvation.

This Pastor is said to have been having what they called holy s_ex in front of other congregants. The woman is seen first eating the man’s anaconda then the Pastor proceeds to bo_nk the woman as the other congregants cheered and took pictures.

The exact location of the church could not be ascertained at the time of going to press.
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