Shocking revelation of Eastliegh Super power criminal gang whose members were gunned down publicly


KENYA: Alot happened Saturday 1st April on social media with the Eastleigh killings leaving the bigger picture of this killer gang that has been terrorizing Eastleigh residents day and night.

Super power killer gang from Eastleigh
Members of Super power killer gang.
Lets focus on where these notorious and ruthless young boys are bred and have the guts to even go head-on with the cops on a shootout.

Super power, One of the most dangerous gangs in the country operates in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area which is almost entirely made up of young boys. Together with Gaza of Kayole and 40 Brothers based in Eastlands.
Super power killer gang from Eastleigh
Last year, Police ranked them the top three most dangerous criminal gangs in the country.

Over the years, the Super Power has committed numerous criminal activities ranging from murder, mugging, pick pocketing, and violent robbery – often stabbing their victims. Its members roam the busy streets of Eastleigh. They mainly operate at night, although they have been known to “work” during the day sometimes.
Super power killer gang from Eastleigh
Two months ago, Abdi Aimoi Mohamed came to Nairobi to further his education but met his death in the hands of Super Power gang soon after his arrival. Aimoi was stabbed severally, turning him into a statistic among the rising number of the gang’s victims.

The gang often targets mobile phones, cash, and jewellery, and spares those who yield to their demands. Sometimes, however, “they just stab their victims even after they get want they want… we don’t understand why,” said a police officer who declined to be named because he is not allowed to speak for the Police.
Super power killer gang from Eastleigh
Starting a few years ago, most members of the gang are said to be young children, many deported from US, UK and other Western countries for crimes committed there. Because they wanted to continue the kind of lifestyles they had been used to abroad, many come together to form the gang to get the cash they needed. This is made worse by the fact that rehabilitation programmes for misdemeanour crimes are almost absent in Kenya, which made it easy for the youth to form and join the gang.

Not all of the “boys” are deported, however; some of its members are those sent back by their parents to participate in the famous dhaqan celis – rehabilitation communes meant to make them reconnect with their culture. Whenever they are sent back, their passports are often confiscated to ensure they don’t travel back, thereby leaving them prone to joining gangs. The irony is that every time they are arrested for the crimes they commit, it is their parents who come to their rescue by bailing them out of jail, or paying their fines.
Super power killer gang from Eastleigh
“None of them has ever faced jail time. These children have money because their parents are rich. Once you arrest them, they are easily bailed out,” a resident confided. It also explains why they feel invincible – the system cannot hold them.

Super Power is said to have been initially backed by businessmen in Eastleigh, for protection from and intimidation of rival businessmen, and to eliminate competition.

These soon dissociated themselves with the outfit when the gang morphed into a quasi-terrorist group. With increasing terror attacks, and as security agencies sought to establish rumoured (financial) links between businessmen and terrorists, communication was cut off between the facilitators and the gang, leaving them to their own devices.

Broke and desperate, members organised themselves into the gang we know today.
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