Leaked Nakked photos of Police Officer causes stir online, gets fired


Pictures of a Malawi Police officer posing nude in a room seemingly to be at a Police Training School have been leaked and circulating on social media causing stir.

Malawi police officer leaked nudes
The police officer who was a trainee at the time the images were taken had a busy time with the camera taking pictures in different positions.

As it shows there was someone behind the camera who gave the subject liberty to pose in different styles.
Malawi police officer leaked nudes
The environment in which the law enforcer was captured proved to be friendly for the action with the lens not missing her fellow trainees who are seen on their beds in the room.

The young lady exposes her private hair which runs from her belly going down to her private parts. It is believed the images have been leaked by her friend who took them.

The reason behind the friend’s action is not yet known.The incident took place at Police Training School in Kanjedza, Blantyre.
Malawi police officer leaked nudes
Other reports however say the images have been leaked by a wife to a police trainer who was in a secret relationship with the trainee when she was in school.

It is said the trainer’s wife took to the social media to share the images of the girl whom she called a ‘bitch’ after she had found the photos in her husband’s phone.
Malawi police officer leaked nudes
The two had reportedly been sending each other nude images through WhatsApp.

However this was a violation of police’s core ethic which is discipline.
Malawi police officer leaked nudes
The officer has since come under fire for her behaviour and public indecency through exposing her nakedness.
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