Siaya Catholic Father Exposed So Badly By His Own Sisters for sleeping with Married Women(Clip)


KENYA: A Siaya based Catholic Father who is supposed to live celibacy life, has been exposed by one of his Sisters for hes used to bång women from right, left and center.

Father Stephen Okello sleeping with other women
Catholic Father by the name Stephen Okello from Siaya has been exposed by his elder sisters for sleeping with married women.

His sister claims that the séxually starved father has destroyed many marriages in Siaya where he is based.

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“He sleeps even with sisters.”

“Somebody seems to have be-witched him” His blood sister reveals.

“There is this time he had gone overseas for ministerial work and during that time he would sleep with upto 10 women in a single night.” Okello’s sister claims so in the recorded audio

Here’s a screenshot the Father sent to a husband of the ladies he had been banging:
Father Stephen Okello sleeping with other women

Here's the Audio clip.
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