All You need to know about Prisca Chemutai Bett the woman DP Ruto CHEATED with


Prisca Chemutai Bett came into the limelight after filing child support against Deputy President William Ruto.

Prisca Chemutai Bett
Prisca Chemutai Bett.
Prisca Chemutai Bett was a student at Moi University when the two introduced each other in 2005.

She eventually conceived and gave birth to Abby Cheropruto on March, 6, 2006.

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Chemutai claimed she was later dumped once Ruto became the Deputy President.

William and Rachel married in 1991, and Abby was born on March 6, 2006.

On a twitter respond, the Dp has said that he did find Abby's mother a Ksh. 90,000 month job, and paid a Ksh. 40,000 monthly upkeep ever since.

Prisca Chemutai Bett is a mother of 4, having 3 other children with another man.

Chemutai Bett Instagram page
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An image of Ruto's daughter Abby, has however been revealed and is making rounds on social media.
Ruto responds to Presca Chemutai Bett claims
The image which was sent to NTV shows the 11-year-old girl boarding a boda boda on her way to church.

Here we go;
Dp Rutos daughter Abby
DP Ruto's daughter Abby.
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