Local Celebrities Caught naked but blamed it on Photoshop (Photos)


KENYA: Most Kenyan public figures and celebrities that have had their nude photos leak online always deny and blame Photoshop.

Avril Nyambura Naked
This has been due to the fact that they have a reputation and dignity that they need to protect.

Here are a few of them:

1. Rachel Shebesh and Mike Sonko.
Rachel Shebesh and Mike Sonko nudes
Photos of Nairobi Women Rep Rachel Shebesh allegedly having sex with Senator Mike Sonko leaked online and caused a stir. Two later came out and blamed their enemies, not for leaking but for photoshopping them.

2. Avril Nyambura.
Avril Nyambura nudes
Avril Nyambura naked
Leaked photos of the singer where she was making out with a woman flooded the online space but she came out to vehemently deny saying someone photoshopped her.

3. Esther Passaris.
 Esther Passaris naked
She wasn't completely naked but she was getting there. She appeared at the Miss Kenya 2017 launch at the Villa Rosa Kempinski in a see through dress but later claimed that it was pure Photoshop.
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4. Amani.
Singer Amani nudes
Amani hit the stage and performed some of her hard-hitting singles. Little did she know most fans were enjoying more than just her music.

5. Rosemary Waweru aka Rita
Rosemary Waweru aka Rita naked
Tabasamu Show actress, Rita was in a Psquare concert in Kenya and she got a little over excited.

While she was trying to cross over the rail to the VIP section, she exposed her huha leaving the crowd astonished.

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